The MLB has signed a huge multi-year deal with theScore enabling the popular app to access all the league info, stats and logos by the end of July.

With the MLB season just around the corner, the league has taken a huge step forward to ensure that people can place sports bets in a mobile environment.

The official kick-off date is July 31st.

Even before signing the deal with MLB, theScore was a renowned app with a huge fanbase, not only among sports lovers but also those crazy about betting on things like Major League Baseball.

A Welcomed Multi-Year Deal

This multi-year deal allows theScore to serve as an authorized gaming operator. For the sports fans, it’s a welcoming move as theScore has turned out to be an immensely successful app in the US.

theScore app offers its users a platform for legal sports betting to find stats, information, news about players and teams. Besides, it provides live scores, betting information, and much more.

Like a one-stop superstore where you can find everything for your daily use, theScore app allows its consumers to know everything related to sports betting. It also allows them to place informed bets.

John Levy is the founder and CEO of theScore. He believes this deal will enable their consumers with a further in-depth experience with the sport of baseball.

In a press release, Levy shared the following comments:

“We realize our fans are ready to watch and bet on America’s pastime, and we’ll be all set to bring them a best-in-class integrated media and betting offering when play resumes…”

It’s also not irrelevant to mention here that MLB also has partnership deals with various other gaming entities including BetMGM, FoxBet, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

Speaking on the historic partnership with theScore, the MLB state that they will be collaborating to protect baseball’s integrity. They added that they would also be providing fans with innovative ways to engage with the sport.

Kenny Gersh, MLB Executive Vice President, opines that the partnership with theScore will offer baseball fans some “creative gaming opportunities”  across different platforms.

Who Can Currently Use the App?

Currently, residents in New Jersey can start using the app. They can feel the real-time stats helpful regarding MLB as they will be available in the data feed.

By the end of July, however, the app will be launched for the use of Indiana and Colorado residents. It would be just in time for the kick-off of the 60-game season.

For those not familiar with the app, theScore is the media application for the company Score Media and Gaming Inc. It’s indeed one of the most popular sports betting apps in North America.

The most wonderful aspect of the app is that you can get highly personalized live scores, and specific updates about the players and teams you’re interested in. The app will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

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